About Colin

I’m so glad that you found The Bucket Principle blog!

Since I was a little kid growing up in a small Kansas town I had these crazy ideals about all the people of the world, “just getting along”. I never really understood violence, war, poverty or just a lack of empathy for other human beings. I didn’t have any exposure to personal development tools; empathetic principles just “felt right” as if they were universal laws.

I also had crazy dreams about being the first “honest” politician. Someone who truly served the people for the people without being influenced by lobbyists (seriously isn’t the fact that they exist just a load of crap?).

Seeing world peace in our lifetime and overcoming famine is not an idea unique to me; I believe that most of us have similar desires and I always wondered what it took for someone to be in a position to have an affect on these things in a broad scope. What was it about people who had that capability and why wasn’t everyone who had the desire to live up to their true potential able to do so?

And a bigger question was this: if only a fraction of a percentage of the world’s population is truly living up to their potential what if just 1-5% of the all people were living up to their potential? What if instead of just one Mother Theresa, we had one per country? Or what if we had one (or more) Ghandis in each country or each State or even each City? And what if we had that many more Pasteurs or Edisons? What would the world be like then? What solutions would we have towards our energy problems and famine and disease? And how much empathy would we have at that point vs. the individualism that is pervasive today?


Does anyone but me think that it’s just absurd that only two political parties exist in the United States (and most of the world for that matter)? The problem with Republicans and Democrats is that they are both wrong and both right. But to think that there are only two options has to be one of the most ridiculous situations in history. But who wants to give up the influence first?

The Bucket Principle was born from an idea to make the world a better place; just one person at a time. And it was my 13 year-old son who made the light bulb go off for me. It’s interesting how me inspiring him turned around to him inspiring and providing solutions to me. But that’s what can happen when people shed the influences that hold them back. They start to find their own path in life and it always leads to a greater empathy and global solutions. Don’t think that you are the exception because all of us have unique capabilities hidden under the huge pile of crap we are influenced by daily. Just like politicians, we each have a team of lobbyists trying to get our attention. The most successful people, the ones who live up to their potential have gained awareness about those influences and are in solid control of their lives.

Those are just a few of things I think about on a daily basis. For a long time I didn’t do much thinking. I was no good to myself, my family, the community or the world. How about you?

Aren’t you curious about what your true potential is?