Change the World with One Picture and One Video

We all need to take bold stances and make bold statements in life. It’s our responsibility. I will admit that I don’t do it enough. I’m working on changing that.

Here’s my bold statement for 2015:

ALL the worlds’ problems could be solved if everyone studied and understood this ONE picture and this ONE video. Enough said.

Here’s the picture….

Thank you to Paul Noth for the cartoon.


And here’s the video….

Thank you to Sam Richards for the Ted talk.

A Radical Experiment in Empathy

P.s. The only problem is that Sam’s video has 1,155,617 views and Psy’s Gangnam Style has 2,190,469,630. Heck, even Megan Trainor has over 500 million views collectively. Gotta admit I count for at least 5 views of “All About That Bass”.




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