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Brian Tracy

“This book can transform your thinking about yourself and your potential, enabling you to succeed greatly at anything you attempt!”

– Brian Tracy,
Author, “The Way to Wealth”

Michael Port

As soon as we take our first breath we’re told what to do, what to think, and how to behave. Very few of us have done many, if any, of the things we really want to do. The Bucket Principle can change all that. Just considering what you want to put in your bucket is a liberating and empowering concept – like a punch in the gut. And, Daymude, brings it. One gut check after another. If you want to do big things in the world or simply get more out of life then read this book now.”

– Michael Port,
NY Times Bestselling Author of “Book Yourself Solid”

Bob Holdsworth

The Bucket Principle is a new classic. It contains world class, life changing advice in an easy to read, easy to understand and a directly applicable-to-your-life story format. Colin has done a great job weaving profound, yet simple concepts into an everyman story that we can all relate to. This is destined to be on the bestseller list alongside, Who Moved My Cheese and the The Fred Factor. I found myself with a list of preconceived notions that I’d never questioned before…until now. If you’re serious about your personal and business success, this is a must read.

– Bob Holdsworth,
Founder of The Holdsworth Group

Message from Colin about The Bucket Principle

I come up with new ideas for a book almost every day. I’ve actually got a pretty good knack for finding market gaps. One day I was running on the trails across the street from my house and came up with an idea for another book, a parable about overcoming fear.
Like many of my other book ideas, it made for good conversation for a while. But I could never really get it going (it’s a great idea so look out for it). One day I was reading Switch by Chip and Dan Heath and one of the first stories was a case study about eating habits and specifically how environmental influences (like the size of a popcorn bucket) can out weigh personal taste. In other words, if the bucket is big then we eat more….a lot more.

Anyway my wife at the time and I had a trip planned out of town and my in-laws were going to watch the boys at their house in Alabama. I was kidding my oldest son about the fact that grandma’s house was his “big bucket of popcorn”. That he would over eat…not because he was hungry or any other logical reason but because more and less healthy food was available.
The more I teased Caleb about “big buckets” that he needed to steer clear of, the more I got the cosmic wheels turning.

A short time afterwards I attended the NSA (national speakers association) annual convention in Orlando and met Joachim de Posada. Joachim had written a parable about a scientific study about delaying gratification (The Marshmallow study). It just so happened that I had been using the same study in my own presentations for Infusionsoft, completely unaware that Joachim had written a story with it as the framework.

When I got back home I told Caleb about Joachim and how he had written his book focusing on the scientific study. I was still clueless but fortunately Caleb connected the dots. He said succinctly, “Hey dad why don’t you write a parable about the popcorn study”.
The next week I was attending another conference for speakers hosted by James Malinchak. James is an awesome guy, very down to earth and he keep saying over and over to “get stuff done fast”. Well that resonated with me and I outlined the entire project that weekend. The rest took me just a few months. And the best part was that I utilized all the concepts in The Bucket Principle to make it happen. In fact I ended up accomplishing more at work, more personally (I trained for and completed my first Olympic distance triathlon) and more with the project all at once. So I’ll be the first to say that The Bucket Principle really works!