The Easter Bunny, Naturally Skinny People and Overnight Success

This is my very first post on The Bucket Principle site and as always I was stuck on the harder part of any project. Getting started. After all the only thing that’s left after you get started is just to finish. Pretty simple when you put it in those terms. I figure at this point I am over half way done!

Seriously though most people get hung up on the getting started part. Since this is my first post I wanted it to have an incredible amount of wisdom and grab everyone’s attention the second they read the headline. I wanted it to be filled with great quotes and Statistics to back up whatever wisdom I was trying to get across. I wanted it to be a perfect start so it would not only satisfy my own ego but motivate the masses to take action.

What a bunch of crap. All of those things are start killers. So what do the Easter Bunny, naturally skinny people and overnight success have in common? The same thing as the perfect start. They are all myths.

I could have toiled away for the next couple of weeks on this or I could get a small success under my belt. Small successes always lead to more small successes and eventually to big ones. And that’s exactly where most people get hung up.

Just start. Get some small successes. You can’t get something from nothing so just start . It doesn’t matter what your start looks like; it’s all relative. Let me say that again. It’s all relative. Your start will look very different from someone else’s. If you want to run your first 5k then your start may look like a walk around the block. If you want to win the local race in your age group then your start will look entirely different. Both are valid and both are essential.That’s a good thing. And your start will never look anything like anyone’s finished project so don’t get caught up in what I call, Finished Product Syndrome (FPS).

Finished Product Syndrome is when we don’t get started on something because all we ever see are glossy, fancy finished products in the market place. We never get “permission” to start because we never see what “start” looks like. Thankfully Steve Jobs did not have FPS. If he did have FPS then this:


Would never have turned into this:

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 4.48.54 PM

That’s my start. It ended up being all about starts but I’m already inspired for the next couple of blog posts. That’s what starts do for you; encourage more starts. And you can never have a “finished” without a “start”.

What start have you been putting off? Leave a comment below and send a picture or a drawing of just how ugly it is. The only judgement you will get is that you are a starter. It will be an inspiration to other people no matter how bad or simple you think it is.

P.S. I re-did this “starting” post about 5 times 🙂 (shhhhh)

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