What’s Your Evil Plan?

I’m sitting on the plane from Phoenix to Memphis and then eventually connecting to Nashville to meet the family for the Southern Sectionals Swimming Championships.

I’m so full of energy I just can’t get over it. No Wi-fi on the plane; no TV. A little disappointment turned into elation. We all long for that element of comfort in our lives. After all that is one of our biggest drivers and most of the time our journey towards comfort has been programmed from some previous experience that we are trying to get back to (hint: fight it).

And those of you who know me also know that I like to partake in the occasional free glass of “just unscrew the cap and poor” cheap ass wine they serve in first class. And no I’m not disparaging the cheap ass wine; I like it. But there’s just something about the influence of alcohol at 40k feet and a captive audience of my own imagination. it’s a potent combination that more than anything allows me to completely focus on my fleeting passion.But its rare that I drink anything before 6 pm let alone an early morning flight. But still the creative juices were flowing. What was it?

There are clearly sinister forces at work this morning. In fact combined sinister forces. It started with a good workout at 5:30am. 4 miles on the treadmill at a modest pace, some push ups and other junk that I can’t label but looked like fun after seeing a cute chick in the gym going through similar motions. Just enough of a workout to get some added oxygen and endorphins to my brain. In the grand scheme  of Luck (you know where preparation meets opportunity), I was clearly getting “prepared” for something (don’t worry about the what, just be prepared). Next I ate half of a “Raw Revolution” organic food bar. Yummy, it has sprouted flax seeds. Really? It just sounds cool. Probably causes cancer.

But I didn’t eat the whole bar; the whole 280 calories. Being inspired by my previous activity in the gym I felt in control of my life vs. being controlled by the portion size from the manufacturers. Don’t you wonder how they come up with that crap? My problem is that I see all prepackaged containers as “portion sized” and that’s why I can eat an entire package of Double Stuff Oreos (yummy for a different reason entirely) in one sitting. That’s obviously what the manufacturer had intended.

Anyway I’m in control today; I’m aware of what other people want me to do vs. what I really need to do and what is good for me. I knew that I was flying first class and breakfast would be served and plane food is just really good nowadays; at least on Delta. So I couldn’t eat the entire Raw bar.

After all, “how you feel is a direct result of how you fuel“. I didn’t have intentions of being inspired and being brilliant this morning (I have to take advantage of the times when I’m NOT an idiot which is frequently) but again I was clearly “preparing” myself for opportunity whether consciously or not.

I’ll tell you this just once (or until the next time I tell you) because I want you to understand how important it is. Opportunity always presents itself to those who are prepared to accept it. Let me say that again, Opportunity always presents itself to those who are prepared to accept it.

Before breakfast came I started reading “Evil Plans” by Hugh Macleod. Joe Polish gave me the book yesterday as a gift (cause Joe is that kind of guy) and I was thrilled because I loved Hugh’s first book “Ignore Everybody”.

What's Your Evil Plan?

I’m just saying that if you are alive and you want to be amongst the living vs. the existing then you should go out and get this book and read it in one sitting. And find someone to share it with. Because we’re supposed to share things. A therapist (not mine) said that nothing is real unless it is shared and I’m a fan of that philosophy.

I ate the fruit plate, raisin bran and 50 cal yogurt cup (thanks Delta) but ignored the croissant with butter. Still in control; great feeling.

Hugh provided the opportunity and matched with my preparation I’ve written this blog post, one other for my job coaching blog, revised three other partial blog posts and gained clarity on half a dozed or so other projects. All in just over an hour and typing this entire thing on my iPhone. And yes I made notes on all of them so I can take action on them later. Write ideas down immediately; if you don’t they will likely be gone forever.

Thanks for the inspiration Hugh. Page 9 of ” Evil Plans”: “as Long as you feel inspired your life is being well spent”

The point is (I spell things out because I need things spelled out which is your reminder to speak simple to me when we meet) what does “preparation” look like to you? And are you taking action (anything really like reading a book or going for a walk or talking an idea out with someone or connecting with your kids but not like watching TV) that opens the door for opportunity? If so its only a matter of time for stuff to start taking shape in your life.

Everything in life is a trade off. No Wi-fi means I’m prepared for some other (Likely more meaningful) activity. No TV…the same. Fewer calories and better quality calories make room for energy and an open mind. It’s really sad that some people are never prepared for the incredible Opportunity that life presents. They’re too full of food to move or too full of fear to expand or too full of themselves to help others. The only way to be less full of one thing is to be more full of of another. The Pitcher Principle 101.

Like I’ve said before, books are the mostly highly under rated asset on the planet. Because we learn from the experience of others. That’s how exponential evolution happens. Go get “Evil Plans” and tell me when you have devised yours. Be a part of evolution.

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